Brief Instruciton

STIC INTERNATIONAL TRADING (TIANJIN) CO.,LTD was established at Tianjin,China. it is one of the professional Globe company which specializing in Oil field chemicals, Detergent raw materials, Mineral products. Its holding company-STIC INTERNATONLA UK LTD, is a professional foreign trade company established in the UK in July 2005. After years of integrity management, the company has established extensive business cooperation with 142 countries and regions in the world, contributing to China's reform and opening up and the development of China's chemical industry.

Bussiness Scope

Oil Drilling                                                   Detergent Chemical

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Raw Material                                              Pesticide


Star Products

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Xanthan Gum

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sodim formate

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Caustic Potash

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Sodium sulphate

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Soda Ash

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